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Reliance Volunteer Interchange

Medical, Teaching and Orphanage Internships in Fifteen Countries

Company description

Reliance Volunteer Interchange (RVI) offers unique and personally fulfilling volunteer and internship opportunities in communities around the world. RVI provides volunteers with high quality, safe and affordable opportunities in developing countries. Each destination has its own culture, rewards and challenges. Our priority is to provide the best volunteering experiences that will last a lifetime. While enriching the lives of the local people you will have the satisfaction of fulfilling your own personal goals of volunteering. You will see an immediate positive impact on the lives of the local people as your life is transformed by those around you.

Reliance Volunteer Interchange is here to connect you with where you want to go and what you want to do in your volunteering endeavor. Your time, effort and commitment are extremely valuable. RVI understands that you are seeking something more meaningful than taking an abroad vacation only as a tourist. That is why it is our main goal to provide you with an opportunity of a lifetime for a positive enhancing experience while living in a local community gaining understanding and sharing your heart and desire to help others.

RVI is here to enable you to experience all the joys of traveling abroad with a purpose with lifelong connections to the magnificent places and people you will meet along the way. As a global volunteer with RVI, you will make meaningful contributions working along side local people and sharing in the goals of a community that warmly welcomes you. As a volunteer you will gain an understanding of the social and environmental concerns through the eyes of its residents. You will be experiencing another culture like never before sharing and interchanging all aspects of life in a community that you will always be a part of and building new friendship that will last a lifetime.

For our volunteer candidates, we want you to be confident and assured of your choice to partnership with Reliance Volunteer Interchange. RVI is based in the United States with Highly Trained Local Program Coordinators located in each of the host countries. All of our programs provide 24/7 support. We provide all background information and support. When you arrive at your host country destination, you will be picked up at the airport, given orientation and language training sessions, assigned a local host family for your homestay and be culturally immersed while participating in your chosen volunteer project or internship.

Job description

Reliance Volunteer Interchange (RVI) offers affordable volunteer projects in fifteen countries. These international service projects are an opportunity to participate in meaningful community service while living and interacting in an intercultural environment. RVI provides volunteers with community support and cultural experience through carefully organized programs. Volunteers also have spare time for adventure and exploration of their host countries.

Internships programs are organized based on individual needs. Internships are usually conducted during the latter years of academic study in support of thesis, dissertation or graduation requirements. The interns interests are connected with practical applications that match their field of study. Medical elective, medical clinical, teaching and orphanage internships are available.

Searched Profile

Medical internship placements are based at health posts or hospitals that are either government run or managed by the local community in rural and urban areas. Examples of services are medical, dental and nursing care. Interns conduct orientation in hygiene, sanitation, other health topics and checking on patients. A medical or nursing background is recommended but not required.

The teaching internship program involves teaching in primary and secondary schools the English language and other school subjects with an emphasis on literacy and cross-curriculum learning. Interns not only teach academic subjects but organize creative activities as well as lend their experiences and enthusiasm to extra-curricular activities. In many developing communities, resources are seriously lacking. Your efforts can make a huge difference in the lives of the school children.

Orphanage interns help provide daily care and emotional support for those less fortunate children without parents through hands-on activities such as education, counseling, nutrition, hygiene, recreation, sports and entertainment. Poverty and a very low standard of living sadly result in cases where children are left orphaned and uncared for. You can make a difference to these special children.

We offer

• Airport Pickup
• Transportation To and From Placement
• Local Orientation and Language Training
• Meals and Accommodations
• Introduction to Host Family
• Placement and Supervision in Program
• Donation to Local Organization
• 24-hour Support

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