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Modelling of energy flows in Modelica

Company description

ENTRAS focuses on energy transition. We shape projects for the industry, and contribute to the future by better use of energy. Our focus is on industrial projects: energy efficiency, combined heat-power, biomass, renewable energy. Our strength is a combination of financial and technical know-how.

Job description

For our customers we often have to model industrial production processes and the corresponding energy flows. Think of steam, electricity, hot water... This is the starting point for developing more efficient and sustainable alternatives. Your job would be to extend our toolset for modelling, in particular by using the modelling language Modelica.

Searched Profile

We are working at the intersection of energy physics, data analysis and modelling. The technical context of our projects you'll learn from us if needed. For the programming part we count on you!

We offer

A relaxed working environment in the center of the town

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