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Project Pilot lead and analyst

Company description


Advelox is young start-up that developed a mobile/web application helping patients to address their medically realted questions to their caregivers in a secured way.

Job description

Advelox is looking for students willing to analysis the impact of our solution with customers.

The person would recruit and onboard a small group of healthcare providers and will provide support during the course of the project. He also will ba able to investigate the impact of the use of the solution, provding feedback to the develepment team and also making in depth analysis of the collected data (anonymized). As Advelox is supposed to have an impact on health economics, this is an important part of the project.

Work location can be in our incubator (Start-It KBC in Brussels or other locations) but can done alsoremotely most of the time.

Searched Profile

The person should be someone who likes to reach out customers (health care providers in this case) and who have good analytical skills. Ideally, the project is also useful for his own education, but this is not a must. The culture is this of a start-up : agililty and initiative taking with a collaborative mindset. 

Advelox looks towards the future, is willing to disrupt some current old fashioned practices. So, no guts, no glory !

We offer

A great experience in an innovative start-up surrounded by experienced professionnals

Exposure to other start-ups

Immediate experience and interactions with customers

Possibilities for a future carreer in the start-up

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Only for undergraduate students

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