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Sales en Marketing stagiair

Company description

Mauquoy Token Company is Europe’s largest manufacturer of metal tokens with export to more than 50 countries worldwide. Our 140 years experience and craftsmanship, combined with targeted investments in high-quality machines and new technologies, is your best guarantee for a quality product with an exquisite finishing.

When you are considering the purchase of tokens for any purpose, you will find in us a willing partner who actively thinks along. Our expertise provides undoubtedly new insights and an enlightening view on how tokens can be used in your project.

Mauquoy Token Company produces custom tokens for a wide range of sectors and applications, such as vending machines, coin-operated toys and rides, amusement parks, souvenirs, casino's, promotional activities, events, etc., and distributes them to customers around the world. We offer a wide range of tokens in a selection of materials, such as brass, nickel-silver, copper, or plastic. The custom tokens can be large or small, thick or thin, and, optionally, marked with your logo or brand name.

Here you can see how we make manufacture metal tokens


Job description

VistaMint is a sister company of Mauquoy Token Company, the world largest manufacturer of coins and tokens in metal, with export to more than 85 countries worldwide. 

VistaMint is launching an innovative concept by which we can manufacture personalized coins in small quantities and at short notice. 

You can quickly and easily design your own coins for weddings, births, anniversaries, promotional gifts, sports trophies, etc. In short, for moments that really matter!

Ter ondersteuning van de sales-en marketingmanager van Vistamint zijn wij op zoek naar een gemotiveerde en gedreven stagiair.

Meer specifiek zijn we op zoek naar :

  • Een communicatief persoon die vertrouwd is met alle communicatie middelen maar vooral de telefoon niet schuwt
  • Hands on 
  • Kennis van social media
  • Bereid tot het uitvoeren van marktonderzoek
  • Interesse in data analyse


Searched Profile

Marketing student

We offer

Een leuke en afwisselende job waarin je écht een rol speelt om een start up (zusterfirma van een gevestigde waard) mee op de kaart te zetten.

Een aangename werkomgeving met leuke collega's.

En wie weet wel een kans om later defnitief aan de slag te kunnen ?

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Only for undergraduate students

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