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SEO and Social media Internship (Remote / Artificial Intelligence startup)

Company description

  • Kantify is a an AI startup with one core mission: Develop Artificial Intelligence solutions that Humans love. We are quite active in fast growing areas such as life sciences, health, medtech. We develop solutions that make human life easier, every day.
  • Our team announced a 'world first 'in Artificial Intelligence and health. 
  • Our team is comprised of experts in the field of AI. While our headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium, our team is fully remote and is located throughout Europe.
  • For us remote working is the norm so Covid does not impact our operations and recruitment policy;
  • Our customers range from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, and are located throughout the world. They are active in a variety of sectors, ranging the medical and pharmaceutical sector, software, services, infrastructure, commodities, and many more.
  • Our services are primarily focused around solving complex challenges using AI. 

Job description

  • You will be our SEO expert-in-training;
  • You'll be assessing our SEO efforts and strategy;
  • You will propose a project plan with practical actions;
  • You will help implement and monitor these actions;
  • You will draft content for social media and our website for a professional audience - in English.

Searched Profile

General skills and traits :  

  • Scientific curiosity: You enjoy science and are curious or even knowledgeable about computer science, artificial intelligence, or life sciences;
  • Talent : You are talented in what you do and can show a track record either of personal or professional projects that show your capabilities;
  • Ability to learn: Your ability to learn matters more than what you know right now. You can learn quickly and assimilate the feedback you are given;
  • Structure: You can structure your work to deliver on time and with a high level of quality;
  • Practicality: There are often many roads to the same destination. You excel (or at least attempt to excel) at finding the practical path: one where you manage to actually get things done, in a way that is reasonably sustainable;
  • Ownership: You are a person of your word. When you say you do things, you take on responsibility to achieve that goal;
  • Friendliness and communication skills: You believe that a smile and a bit of feedback from time to time can truly prevent most of the world's daily problems. We are actively looking for people with a positive demeanor, and strive to create a friendly environment for everyone to work in - and you should play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

Specific skills :

  • SEO knowledge: Google Analytics, Keyword research (such as SEMrush), Google toolbox
  • Social media: experience with Linkedin company pages and Facebook pages
  • Drafting skills: you can write (and enjoy writing) pieces of content in English that you wrote about (ideally) fields that are not in your realm of competence, or even better, technical or scientific fields (think Artificial Intelligence and Health, in particular).

We offer

  • Remote working with mentorship : The possibility to work remotely as a digital nomad, but still being part of a great team with an assigned mentor.
  • Fun: Some nice team games and aperos, as well as participation in our next team meeting abroad (think hot chocolate and cake, or perhaps tapas and straws).
  • Ownership : The possibility to have project ownership.

​Starting date to be agreed. Can be longer than 3 months. 

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