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Living Today Consulting SCS

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Motivating people is a day-to-day effort; music contributes to happiness and is present every day in our lives. Everyone knows that Employee moods impact performance.

This is what Music4Biz (a concept of Living Today) is all about… made to energize people during or outside office hours.
The Company Song Workshop is a unique team building session where we will engage your team to write your own Company Song. This innovative and engaging experience is designed to bring out the best in your team, in a facilitated format.
It's a highly interactive program and non intimidating as NO SINGING OR MUSIC ability is required!

We assist your people “build” a customized song that focuses on your team, industry and values. At the end of the workshop (2 -4 hours max), your people will get a great understanding of what’s needed to have more success in the workplace and in a TEAM. If you love music and problem-solving, then you will love this team building program.

We are songwriters and musicians from Belgium.

​With creative and musical activities we boost employees moral and then drive their performance. 


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Social Media Specialist Responsibilities

Building and executing social media strategy through competitive and audience research
Setting up and optimizing company pages within each social media platform

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étudiants en marketing, pour l'élaboration d'un travail de fin d'études ou juste comme job d'étudiant

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