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Startup - Creative Video & Photographer for Social Media

Company description

We help you find dishes in restaurants in your area that perfectly match your diet.


Ruddy is a mobile marketplace where consumers can find and purchase dishes in their area that perfectly match their diet. For example: if you want a vegan dish with 730 calories, Ruddy shows you all the dishes in restaurants nearby that are vegan and contain 730 calories. 

  • For consumers:
    • We are a mobile app within the Food and Health industry that helps them find healthy dishes in their area that perfectly correspond to their diet and lifestyle. 
  • For restaurants:
    • We are a new marketing tool that helps them better target consumers based on health and diet trends.



As a new startup we launched the beta version of our app and website in June 2019 in Brussels - Belgium. After months of testing and improving our software we are now preparing our official launch in March 2021.


We are a small team and work together remotely from all over the world. We are looking to expand our team and work with new people with fresh ideas and perspectives. ​

Job description

We are in the process of launching our new startup. In order to target our main customers online, we are looking for a video and photographer for platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. 

The created content will focus on Food, Health, Restaurants and Diet. 

  • Contents for our Consumers' platform (mobile app): will focus on showing the users how to use the app and its benefits on their health.  --> the goal is to get them to download and use the app
  • Contents for our restaurant platform: will focus on showing the restaurant owners why they should partner with us and how we can help them increase their revenue. 


You will be working directly with the marketing and sales team to create creative contents that best communicate our services and products to our audiences. This can be in the form of a texts, photos or a videos. 


What will you gain from this internship?

This is a non-paid internship but you will:


  • Get to see how a startup launches its products. 
  • Further improving your skills in creating online contents.
  • Learn about online marketing and managing social media.  
  • Measure business key performance indicators, like how a new business makes money and grows.

Searched Profile

Technical Skills:

  • Photo editing tools (Photoshop, canvas, ...)
  • Video edition tools (Premier pro, Final cut studio, mobile app video editing tools, ...)



  • Social media contents (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube)
  • Online marketing 
  • Food, Health, Diet, Sport, ...
  • Startups


Soft Skills:

  • Must be self-motivated.

  • Be able to produce original ideas.

  • Team player.

  • Good time-management skills.

  • Great interpersonal, presentation and communication skills

We offer

We are about to launch something amazing.

This will give you a first hand opportunity to be involved with a new and innovative business. You will directly see the results of your work and knowledge on the business, products and services.

We are not looking to hire someone to take over our boring jobs. We are looking for new ideas and perspectives. We hope to teach what we know and learn from you.


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Only for undergraduate students

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