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Stock Management for Offender Monitoring System

Company description

Upstreem is a startup based in Belgium and offering a disruptive electronic offender monitoring system.

At Upstreem, we believe that electronic offender monitoring should aim at changing the offenders’ behavior with the goal to rehabilitate them and to reduce recidivism.

An electronic offender monitoring system cannot just be a punitive surveillance measure. It should also be a digital assistant helping the offenders to better manage their life. At the same time, it should actively assist the monitoring officers in detecting and responding to 100% of violations, and it should also give the social workers insightful informations and tools that allow them to help the offenders better in their rehabilitation process.

Of course, the least we can do is to make sure that the system works accurately and reliably. That is why we have based our system on the most advanced technologies so that we offer you the quality you need to carry out your mission. Moreover, a patent has been filed to protect our unique technology.

Job description

The Electronic Monitoring system developed by Upstreem consists of the supervision of different nodes (bracelets) deployed throughout a country from 1 or 2 centralized platforms.

The persons under surveillance are monitored by means of a communicating electronic bracelet, which sends back data on the location of the persons under surveillance to centralized platforms developed by Upstreem.  These data can then be consulted by the surveillance officers. The offender’s home presence is verified by means of a device placed at the offender’s house.

A stock solution is a powerful tool accompanying the Customers handling thousand of devices in their day to day job.


The work consists of:

  • The definition of a customer offender devices stock management in line with the processes in place during the solution operation.
  • The implementation of a customer stock management prototype interfacing with the existing Offender Monitoring Solution of Upstreem

Searched Profile


We offer

  • Autonomy, room for creativity and entrepreneur spirit in a startup fashion
  • Informal, no non-sense and high-tech company culture
  • Opportunity to grow with/within the company as it develops
  • International environment with worldwide customers and partners
  • The satisfaction to work on a positive social project helping offenders to rehabilitate
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