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Bulow Bennet


Company description

Bulow Bennet is active in the timber industry. We represent major producers from Northern Europe and Russia, and sell their products in Belgium and France. Wood is an environmentally friendly construction material. This is the reason why its market is booming right now. 

From the moment we sell, until the moment the goods are delivered, we track all steps of the supply-chain on our ERP and therewith ensure full contract completion. We value every team member’s input, and our vision is to match our organization’s development with theirs. We therefore maintain a creative and dynamic work environment. 

Job description


  • You’ll be responsible of monitoring the imports, and deliveries. Tracking the flows of merchandises through all the steps of the supply chain:


  • Procurement: assisting the negotiation process and closure of the deals.
  • Inbound logistics: overlooking the international transports by trucks, containers, and vessels. Ensuring the custom clearance.
  • Outbound logistics: remitting all necessary instructions, ensuring timely deliveries and payments.


  • You will interact with major players of the timber and construction industries, acquire and master the codes and best practices of international trade.
  • You will manage CRM, speak with suppliers and customers. Reply to enquiries. Monitor market conditions.
  • You’ll use a set of innovative software and tools to track achievements.

Searched Profile

We are looking for someone with :

  • Eagerness to get involved in international trade.
  • Independence and pragmatism.
  • Motivation and energy.
  • Good communication skills: ability to communicate clearly in an international environment.
  • An analytical mind. Rigorous and organized.
  • General skills and experience in various fields of management.
  • Fluency in various languages.

We offer


  • A very dynamic and complete B to B experience
  • An experience where you mean something. Your actions and your energy will have a direct impact on the development of the company.
  • Networking with your peers, and with various leading multinational companies of the timer and construction industries.
  • Endless opportunities to learn through workshops, team work and ground interaction.
  • You will be localized in Brussels, Montgommery.
  • Performance based packages and rewards.
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