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Jasper Wilde

Tour Manager/ Social Media

Company description

Described in the press as “if Pharrell, Timberlake and Prince had a baby made of music … “ - this funky Frenchman writes and produces all of his material and is irresistible to anyone who likes to have a good time. His live shows are always entertaining particularly when his famous talk box comes out .. Originally from Cannes France Jasper has made London his home, he has fans at BBC introducing with many plays from Gary Crowley who’s tipped him one to watch. Jasper is due to tour the UK late October to promote his new single!

Job description


Looking for a young, friendly Coordinator/Driver who must be good with cameras and social media for UK tour of universities.

Get in touch we'd love to talk to you if you're interested!

PS: Expenses paid


Jasper's team

Searched Profile

  • You want to be in the music industry
  • You want to learn about live and touring 
  • You are interested in music and the business around it
  • You like music 
  • You like travelling and beeing sociable
  • You have excellent time keeping
  • You could be someone looking gain skills in social media and building an audience

We offer

  • Expenses paid
  • Possible employement
  • Opportunity to work in the music business
  • A great experience with an emerging artist
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Only for undergraduate students

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