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Video surveillance on Android platforms

Company description

Since 2003, ACIC SA has been offering cutting-edge innovative solutions in the field of automated and smart video intelligence.

ACIC SA is a spin-off company  produced by belgian universities (UCL, UMons) and a research center.

ACIC designs and develops video analytics software that enables operators to automate some processes, in order to reach a higher level of security or to fulfill specific requirements.

The range of uses of video intelligence includes human/object presence detection and monitoring, identification of abnormality, identification of specific objects to track, auto tracking, event detection, people counting, recognition of abnormal or threatening behavior, etc.

The company earned major contracts for securing sensitive buildings, solar plants and refineries in Europe and Middle East.

ACIC develops and supports different software suites, providing high-quality video content analysis. Next to the product portfolio, ACIC also offers a broad range of services.

Job description

The internship deals with porting existing state of the art video analytics algorithms developed by ACIC to an Android environment. The main objectives are:

  • Porting of at least one ACIC existing algorithm and being able to run it successfully (from acquiring frames, configuration, to the generation of events).
  • Evaluation of the platform processing capabilities and its limitations in terms of maximum analysed resolution and framerate.

We are looking for a motivated student with some preliminary experience in Android and Java development.

Keywords: Android, openJDK8, adb, gradle, CMake, JNI, C/C++

Searched Profile

Skilled and motivated people

We offer

Immersion in a small sized company whith innovation as the main focus.

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