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Gap Year Nepal

Virtual Internship

Company description

At GAP Year Nepal, we pride ourselves on providing an enriching and memorable travel experience to each and every guest who comes to visit us.

Established in 2011, we have always been and will continue to be driven by the concepts of sustainability and responsible operating practices, as we share in Nepal’s natural and cultural beauty.

Through our tours, our goal is to promote Nepal’s tourism sector, while preserving the environmental and ethical values she has to offer. We accomplish this by connecting main-stream tourism with community-based tourism, ensuring the local regions get equitable profit from our visits. The volunteer component of our trips goes a long way in achieving this goal.

Job description

Gap Year Nepal Virtual Internships are meant for the college students. The internship is about getting experience without physically presenting at the work location allowing the time flexibility. It further helps the student to fit into a busy college schedule without commuting to a specific location or the necessity of having to live in a certain geographical location.

Virtual Internship Ideas:

Gap Year Nepal provides Virtual internship in the following fields:

  • Business
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Content writing
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Sustainable Development
  • Photography/Videography
  • Grant and Proposal writing
  • Child Development Program

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