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Virtual Remote internship in Nepal

Company description

Volunteer Nepal National Group (VolNepal) is a local, independent, and non-profit organization. Our primary objective is to facilitate the social development process in Nepali communities.

Our work encompasses several sectors of social development; please see our Projects page for a more comprehensive overview of what those efforts include. We complete all of our projects with integrity and awareness, all the while keeping the concepts of sustainability and ecologically sound development firmly in focus.

In general, we focus on sustainable rural development, education, medical projects and livelihood support. By structuring our efforts so that they make sense to everyone – the women, youth, and community leaders specifically – we can also ensure the effective continuation of our hard work long after we’ve left the community. By involving the poorest and most marginalized sectors of those communities in our plans, we take the first steps to creating future employment potential for those individuals as well.

Job description

VolNepal is in need of interns in its projects. In virtual Internships the participants are placed remotely, and they get the assignment that is expected to be completed remotely. The modern world of technology has made it possible. Only you need to find your career goals and let us know what you are aspiring for, we will find the best project of your choice. We partner with various other social organizations in Nepal. We will match your interest. However, every procedure is the same, as you will be working under the guidance of the local program coordinators which is going to be useful in learning and gaining lots of things along with you can help and support the organizations in Nepal.

We offer virtual (online) Internships in our following projects:

  • Educational Projects
  • Teaching
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Entrepreneurship Support
  • Fundraising and Grant Writing

Searched Profile

  • grant writing,
  • proposal writing,
  • teaching,
  • fund raising,
  • socila media marketing

We offer


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