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XYZ-Table Automation for Capacitive Touch Duration Test

Company description

PsiControl is part of the Picanol Group (, market leader in weaving machines. PsiControl develops and produces custom-made controllers, HMI and touch devices. PsiControl integrates facilities for design of controller electronics and drives together with in-house electronic production and assembly. Our focus is on the design, development, production and support for electronic and mechatronic systems. By using our own platforms we are able to reduce time-to-market and enable high-performing, cost-effective solutions.

For this purpose we have R&D and prototyping departments in Ypres (Belgium) and procurement, production and service activities in our branches in Belgium and Romania. At PsiControl, we have built a wide-ranging portfolio of processing core platforms. All controller intelligence, human interfacing, electrical IO and external communication can be combined into a single product. This ‘all in one’ principle represents a very cost-effective customized solution, built to the specifications of the customer. Innovation, technology and ongoing R&D efforts remain crucial to the international success of PsiControl. PsiControl employs around 380 people.

Job description

To evaluate the robustness of a capacitive touch implementation, an automated long-term test setup is needed to monitor the touch behavior. A capacitive touch finger is moved onto the touch key, while a monitoring device checks and logs the status of the button. This process will be repeated numerous times and that is why an automated setup is required.

Your task
o Use the G-Code to drive the XYZ-table
o Implement a monitoring and logging software
to evaluate the touch status of the keys
o Design the placeholders for the units on the
XYZ table (3D printing)

Searched Profile

Master Elektronica en/of Embedded Software

We offer

What will you learn?
o Capacitive Touch
o XYZ-table / G-code
o Python
o Mechanical design

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