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  • Management Trainees

    Baloise Insurance First Job
      2600, Antwerpen
    Sector: Banking, Financial Services & Insurances Department: Project Management

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  • Working at Consultys: their new colleagues testify!

    Driven by a business philosophy based on the value of people, proximity and professional requirements, Consultys offers everyone the means to achieve their best performance. Our values ​​are transp...

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  • What if I started my career with an internship at Nestlé?

    For many students, internships are an integral part of their studies and it is even essential that they can put into practice all the lessons learned in the classroom. Internships offer an added va...

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  • Job Events: a guidebook

    Almost graduated? Or are you already working and in need of change? Then of course you have to look for a new job! Often, reading online vacancies is not enough to really assess what the job entail...

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