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Maison D'Istrie

Kitchen/Bar Help

  • Start date
  • Schedules
    Weekdays Evenings Weekends
  • Languages
    English: excellent French: good Dutch: good
  • Driving license required
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Company description

Maison d’Istrie is much more than just a B&B, restaurant and wine bar. Our wish is to transfer love for Istrian Mediterranean gastronomy to Belgians and beyond. It’s a concept which offers a truly unique experience of a new taste in town.

Project developed in Belgium, by Croatians whose wish is to share their love for Istrian Mediterranean gastronomy.

Job description

Can't wait for summer to go for a vacation in Croatia?

You don't have to wait that long, you can experience Croatia much sooner, and the best part: you get paid for it!

We at Maison D'Istrie (your Istrian oasis in Avenue Louise in Brussels) are hiring for extra staff in the kitchen, at the bar and for catering!


Kitchen/Bar assistant

People needed: 2

Work-time: Mon-Saturday for 4 hours per day (1 person in the morning, 1 in the evening)

Payment: 9€/h

Languages needed: we all speak English, our guests are mostly French/Dutch speaking, with some internationals that mostly speak English


Catering help

People needed: 6

Details: over the next 4 months we have quite a few caterings inline (all in Brussels), where we need help with serving and arranging food. Those interested will get a plan for

caterings (they are on different days in the week).

Hourly rate: 10€/h

Hours needed for catering: on average 5-6 per event

Languages: English. 



We offer

Opportunity to get hands-on knowledge:

How Croatian food is made

How to handle a diverse group of visitors (that are from all over the world)

How to organize inventory

Have fun on weekends (we have a lot of concerts, fusion-jazz is our go to style, but we like others too!)

Improve your Croatian (good to know if you're planning to visit Croatia this summer :-) )

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