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Ondertiteling / Correctie van ondertitels / copywriting in homeworking

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    English: excellent Dutch: mother tongue French: excellent
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Company description

Nexxworks INSPIRES organizations to ACT on their Day After Tomorrow. We help corporates thrive by INSPIRING them with extreme examples of exponential change, immersing them in front-seat EXPERIENCES with top innovators around the world and ACTIVATING their own internal RADICAL innovation team



Job description //

Pascal Coppens, who is keynote speaker for nexxworks, sinologist and tech entrepreneur, is recording short video's on a regular basis. 

Subtitles are automatically generated but need to be reviewed and corrected if necessary. Dutch - English (or vice versa), French and German are an advantage. 

We are looking for someone to copywrite the subtitles. 

Searched Profile

  • Language students with very good knowledge of Dutch, English, French and possibly German who show interest in keynotes of Pascal and who have experience in copywriting, subtitling, translating.
  • Video's come on a regular basis but not daily so it's a job on demand.
  • The job can be done from home. 
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Only for undergraduate students

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