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Italian Food Abroad Srl

Serveuse/serveur dans la restauration midis et/ou soires.

  • Start date
  • Schedules
    Weekdays Evenings Weekends
  • Languages
    English: excellent French: excellent Italian: medium
  • Driving license required
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Company description

Our mission is to ensure the autenticity of the “Italia” brand in a restaurant formula that is based on four pillars:

1.Traditional pizza from Campania Region: the team includes two professionals with 30 and 10 years of experience in the sector, including the participation to the festival of pizza campana in the period 1998-2005 as well as to Quipizza Cibus from Parma in 2004;

2.Menu centred on the offer of fresh mozzarella cheese: the partenership with a firm manifacturing a compact machine for the production of mozzarella allows the production on site of dairy products. This cuts short the lead time from production to consumption of mozzarella;

3.Distribution and sale of dairy products: in order to eploit the full capacity of the machine,  the restaurant will include a corner for the direct sale of dairy products as well as distribution in other areas through e.g. superette;

4.Seasonal restaurant menu: it will include a limited variety of fixed meals (5-6 types of pizza and 5-6 other traditional meals), with the aim to optimize the specialization of the personnel and table rotation, plus some weekly meals (2 pizzas, 2 first courses, 2 second courses).

Job description

Nous sommes à la recherche d'une serveuse ou d'un serveur disponible plusieurs midis par semaine, les soires et les weekends à exclusion de la dimanche.  


Searched Profile

English, French and Italian knowledge. Professionalism. Courtesy and kindness.

We offer

Nous offrons des shifts variables selon les jours disponibles. Les horaires sont majoritairement de 11.30h à 15h et de 18h à 22h.

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