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Sport Data Journalist

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    Weekdays Weekends
  • Languages
    English: excellent
  • Driving license required
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Company description

Sport Data Journalist

At DoScouting we are seeking new members for our international team!

As our scout, you will be attending different sport games in all different leagues (you can choose from football, ice-hockey, volleyball, basketball, handball and others) at your own pace, anytime you feel like it. During the game, you will be reporting on the score, penalties, cards, etc. via your smartphone / hardphone or PC.

Job description

Thanks for your attention. I describe shortly this opportunity.
Firstly, we start with a learning part (read ~40 pages), test (~30 questions), training match (~90min), Skype interview (10-15min) and only after that you become a real data journalist. Your training period cannot last longer than 30 days, otherwise your profile will be blocked and you will not get an extra chance. All tasks you will be able to do through special platform (SMP – Scout Management Platform) to which you will get access after successful application.
Take a look on the videos provided bellow:
We are only interested in persons who willing to learn hard, work professionally and responsibly.
If you can see yourself in this position just add DoScouting on your Skype account (ID: doscouting), write in what country you're located and we will move to another step (interview).

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