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Katoen Natie

Student job orderpicking at Katoen Natie

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Company description

As a global logistics service provider, Katoen Natie combines engineering, technology and port operations to offer worldwide, tailor-made solutions to the chemical and automotive industries, and to the consumer goods, electronics & retail sector. Katoen Natie has 181 logistic platforms and is active in 28 countries all over Europe, North America, South America and the Far East with a staff of more than 12 000 people.

Our business unit Consumer Goods & Industry manages the logistics and distribution of goods such as: textiles, DIY products, food products, pharmaceuticals, products with an industrial application, E-commerce, etc

Job description

For a long time Katoen Natio is one of the biggest employers of students in the Antwerp region. This year this will not be different and Katoen Natie likes to offer the opportunity to students that can work one or more days during the week to encrease their spending budget.

At this moment we are looking for students which have the skill to learn the orderpicking procedure. It means you have to collect goods listed up on a scanner/labels.

Upon your application we will explain the full service Katoen Natie offers his clients and the values it stands for, so you can make a completely informed choice to work at Katoen Natie.


Searched Profile

Why do students choose for a student job at Katoen Natie?

Katoen Natie offers a very flexible schedule, so you can work when you are available and don't have to miss out on classes or party's. There are all kind of tasks at hand and you get the opportunity to get logistic experience that will strenghten your position on the labour market later on.

And last but not least: transportation is provided from Antwerp, Merksem, Beveren, Zwijndrecht and Sint-Niklaas.



We offer

A student job with a variety of advantages

  • Working at global logistic company
  • Organised transportation from Antwerp, Merksem, Zwijndrecht, Beveren and St-Niklaas
  • A clear contract
  • Flexilbe schedule
  • Nice earning
  • 475 hours of work
  • Work whenever you can



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