6 websites to write the best CV

Writing a good CV is a lot of pressure because it is not always clear what should be in it nor how it should be organised. You don't need to worry about it anymore, we have selected for you the best websites to help you in the process of creating your CV. 


1. Yourcvbuilder

Yourcvbuilder assists you in every step of the creation of your CV. The website is easy to use and you can have a good CV in less than 5 minutes. You just need to fill the information boxes, choose the design you prefer and the websites takes care of the rest. You’ll just have to download your fresh new CV.


2. Doyoubuzz

Doyoubuzz maily works as the first one but it offers additional services such as the translation of your CV or spelling correction. Nonetheless, writing your CV on the website is entirely free but these services are paying.
The only negative aspect of writing your CV with Doyoubuzz is that there will be a mention of the website on your CV so if you want to take all the credit you should avoid this CV builder.


3. Resume-now

Unlike Yourcvbuilder and Doyoubuzz, this website does not provide free services. You can always use Resume-now to write your CV but if you want to download it afterwards you will have to pay for it.

The website also provides tips about the kind of information that employers are looking for while reading resumes.


4. Livecareer

If you are looking to write not only a CV but a cover letter as well, this is what you need. You can either start you resume from scratch or upload a previous version of it in order to improve it. Many templates are also available if you are just looking for inspiration.


5. Moncvparfait

This website also helps you all the way through the creation of the CV. If you are looking for a complete but classical resume, Moncvparfait will provide it for you but you will have to pay for it.


6. Primermagazine

Last but not least, Primermagazine offers an article with 12 CV templates that are available for downloading. You can download the template you prefer and modify it the way you want.


Your To Do list seems quite simple now:

  • Pick your favourite CV builder
  • Write the perfect CV to impress employers
  • Send your magnificent piece of work to apply for one of our many job offers


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