6 reasons to subscribe on GraduAid

After graduating from college or university, the time has come to look for a first job. Many of us don't know where to begin our search or which platform to use. To make life a bit easier, a great platform was created for you: GraduAid.be

GraduAid, as the name suggests, wants to AID graduates! Here are the best reasons why you should create an account.

Matching Algorithm6 reasons to create an account on GraduAid

GraduAid.be helps you find a match! It allows you to identify the best jobs for your profile. A unique matching algorithm uses information such as your educational background, skills, preferred job function, industry, company type and whether you are able to work abroad. Job vacancies are given a score, allowing you to find your perfect job in no time.

The Event Calendar

Another tool provided by the website is the Event Calendar. This additional function allows you to identify all "job events" in your area. With just one click you can spot all available jobs by companies attending a particular event. This is the best way to be prepared for your next career event.

+ 700 jobs from 400 companies

GraduAid was created in order to close the gap between you (young graduate) and companies. Now you can apply for more than 700 starter jobs at over 400 different companies. You have a full choice of companies of all sizes - from Fortune 500 giants to successful SME's and exciting start-ups. All of them offer jobs in Belgium or in great cities abroad such as Dublin, London, Paris, Munich and many more.

Young graduates only

The jobs listed on GraduAid are exclusively for young graduates! Gone are the days of not getting an interview because of your "junior" status. No need to have any experience to apply for these jobs!


As young graduates, it's obviously free for you. But GraduAid also decided to keep posting jobs free of charge for all companies. This allows even the smallest start-up to post a job on our platform, widening the scope of jobs available to you.

Job Alerts

Doing the same research every day on the same platform to find new job offers? Exhausting and frustrating! Luckily, GraduAid's job alerts provide notifications when a new job (matching with your profile) is added to the platform, so you'll never miss out on the job of a lifetime!

Discover new job opportunities by signing up on GraduAid.be. Join us and happy job hunting!


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