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8 ground rules when applying for a job

Here are a few tips to be taken seriously when you apply for a job, follow them and you will increase your chances of getting an interview:


1. Change your Facebook profile picture

When someone tells you about a person you don’t know your first reaction is to check their Facebook. Employers do the same and I'mm not sure your potential boss will appreciate seeing you playing beerpong so it might be a good idea to check if your profile picture is accepable. 
Also remember to check the confidentiality parameters because it would be useless to have a profile picture of you dress to the nines but a bunch of other pictures of you partying to be seen by anyone.

2. Practice your handshake

Many people consider the handshake as the mirror of your personality. If you want to make a good first impression try to greet your interviewer looking him in the eye and with a firm handshake.

3. Create a LinkdIn profile

This will be a prove that you are busy on the job market and that you are not just waiting passively for a job opportunity to appear out of the blue

4.Choose an appropriate email address

Most employers will reject a CV with an absurd email address. So if you go by funnybobby69@hotmail.com we would advise to reconsider and opt for a more appropriate email address.

5.Change your vocemail

Your voice probably changed since you were a child so make sure to update your voicemail if you have not changed it since you were 13 years old. 

6. Don’t pick up the phone if you are not able to have a proper conversation

“I’m going under a tunnel?” or “I can’t hear you” are probably things that you should not say to the employer calling you. If an unknown number is calling but you are not home it would probably be wiser to wait until you are in a quiet place to call him back. 

7. Make sure you don't get confused between different applications

“You are calling for the job offer? But which company are you?” these are also things you should avoid to say if you want to get the job, or at least the interview. 

8. Gather information about the company

Many employers use a phone conversation as an opportunity to ask about your expectations and there is no escape nor time to check the Internet for information about the company so make sure you have checked their company website before applying  like that you won't end up speechless if he asks you.


Now that everything is set for a successful interview it is time to send your applications !  

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