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Advantages of working at a multinational company


advantages of working at a multinational company

Are you looking for your first job? Then a job at a multinational can be a good move for your further career. Besides the reputation of these companies, a multinational has a lot of other advantages to offer:

Working in a multicultural environment

When you join a multinational, you inevitably end up in a multicultural environment. You work together with people from different countries with different backgrounds. This culturally diverse work environment gives you new insights and is good for your language skills. This kind of environment also offers the right preparation for an international career. If you would like to work abroad, a job at a multinational company can give you the confidence you lacked to make this dream come true. You build up an international network and you can experience "on the job" whether this environment is something for you, without having to move first.

Increased value on the labour market

Today, companies are increasingly entering into international collaborations, both with suppliers and customers. Your experience in a "global environment" means that these employers will be extremely happy to hire you. They know that you can function well in this environment and that you have the right skills to work smoothly with different people in this context.

An employer with options

Multinationals often have a wide range of courses, training and career opportunities. These career opportunities are available both at the branch where you work and at branches in other countries. The big advantage of being transferred to another branch is that moving costs and the like are covered by the company. This way you can move relatively cheap to another country, and you do not always have to give up your current residence. In addition, you can be sure of a salary that is in line with the market in the country you are going to.

If during your career you discover that you want to make a switch in your career, you have a much better chance of filling another position within the same multinational. Because of the size of these companies, they simply have more jobs to offer. Because they already know you personally, the bosses know what to expect and your chance to get a new job increases.

Nice extras

In addition to the advantages listed above, there are often nice extras to score. For example, salary surveys indicate that wages at multinationals are up to 16% higher than at Belgian companies. These companies also often have impressive clients to work for. The chance of some nice international trips is of course also bigger. At Cisco, for example, the Young Graduates are sent to Amsterdam or Poland as part of their training programme. If this is not the case, you still have your international network to fall back on, and this way you also have reliable local guides.


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