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Ali, Mechanical Engineer, shares his work experience at Daikin

International Trainee at Daikin

Ali Can studied Mechanical Engineering and did his master thesis about a topic related to HVAC. Because of his strong interest in HVAC, he came across Daikin and decided to apply for Daikin’s international traineeship. In December 2019, Ali started his career at Daikin and 7 months later, he would like to share his experience with you! 

What attracted you to join Daikin?

Already from the 1st year of my mechanical engineering studies, I had strong interest in HVAC systems and Daikin was always appealing to me in this sector. Even when writing my thesis, I have always chosen HVAC related topics and of course put Daikin as my career target. I am always amazed with the quality of the products. But I had no idea how it would be to work at Daikin. Right now, I am satisfied and happy to be part of the Daikin family!

Experiencing the Daikin culture, how is this experience helping you to grow and develop professionally?

Every day I am facing new challenges and learning new things, which is quite important to improve myself. The Daikin culture is one of the most important reasons why I really like to work at Daikin. Everybody including my colleagues and my managers are always being helpful and supportive. This motivates the collaboration and creates a synergy, and it of course increases the efficiency of the work.

Why is the Daikin traineeship a good opportunity for young people, what can they expect to learn and experience? 

This is a unique chance for everybody. I believe that seeing the different perspectives of the company really helps to understand the overall picture of the company. It also a super important chance to create your network from different departments in order to have better communication. When you are a global trainee, you will learn many things. I definitely recommend it.

Can you tell us something more about your experience during COVID-19 times?

At the current moment, I am in Strategic Planning and we are working on F25 process. In these challenging times, I believe as a team we had great communication and this kept us up to date. I sometimes even had an online coffee break with my teammates. 

Online tools helped a lot to have our meetings. We created some workshops online which was planned face to face. I believe it was a quite success to collaborate all together and create some outputs. I also believe our new future is required adapting the changes in a timely manner. And these unpredicted changes show that all of our colleagues are agile enough to adapt. I am proud to be the part of the Daikin family.

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