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Ask the recruiter: PwC

Hi (Futur) Young Graduates,

We’re back with a third blogpost ! Hi Leslie! We have seen many students who’ve shows interest in PwC vacancies and therefore we would like to ask you some questions about the recruitment process. Do you have some time?

Leslie: "Yes, of course!" Okay, let’s start off with a first question. What do you look for in a resume at first glance?
Leslie: "To be honest, your resume is like the ‘business card’ you hand over towards a future employer. That's why the content and lay out needs to be clear and structured. Having a matching study background is very important but also a visually good looking and chronological cv is key.

Next to that you can stand out of the crowd with extracurricular activities (student job, presidium, own projects, …). Like this you can show that you’ve already gained some professional skills.

Finally, it’s important as a starter to send your cv as a one pager. Oh, and GraduAid can you please tell interested graduates that they don’t forget to mention their phone number and email address, otherwise it will be a little bit difficult to contact them." Oh really, are there people who forget to put their contact information? All right, I tell them. Here you go: don’t forget, guys!  Let’s move to the second question. What is the most common mistake candidates make during their application?

Leslie: "Well, it is a little bit weird to say, but during an application some graduates don’t know what’s in their resume or even worse, they don’t know what they’re applying for. If you are invited for a job interview you’ve already have defeated a large hindrance. The next step is convincing the interviewer that you are the ideal candidate for the job. In other words, good preparation is a must!" Okay that’s clear: third question. What personality characteristics do most recruiters look for when making hiring decisions?

 Leslie: "Everything depends on the graduate and the vacancy but in each case we focus on three different points.

  • Team player: The ability to cooperate actively within a team. Be able to help and support team members to contribute and achieve common objectives.
  • Helicopter view: The ability to have a general overview
  • Feedback: Listen to feedback and apply that feedback into practice afterwards." Last but not least, should a young graduate include a picture on his/her resume and do you check the Facebook page before interviewing someone?

Leslie: "It is not mandatory, but if a young graduate decides to add a photo to his resume, take a professional one (without sunglasses, please). If you add one, choose the right one! When it comes to Facebook: we rarely check profiles since we have no time for that. Being a recruiter at PwC is a very busy job!" Thank you for your time and we let you go back to work ;). And you? Well, we meet again next week!


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