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Ask the recruiter: Unilin

Hi GraduAiders,

We’re back with another ask the recruiter blogpost.

GraduAid: Hi Els! We are publishing a weekly blogpost where we ask 4 short questions in order to help young graduates prepare for their (first) job interview. Do you want to contribute?

Els: "Of course, sounds great!"

GraduAid: Okay, first question. What do you look for in a resume at first glance?

Els: "Well, a good resume is easy to read, simple and consistent. Content-wise, make sure all necessary information is mentioned: contact details, study background, your most relevant work experience, internships, student jobs, …. Even if your student job is not in the domain of your education, don’t hesitate to mention it, it tells something about you as a person (eager to work, work ethics, …). Further, keep it short and simple: limit your resume as a junior to a one-pager. And last but not least, try to avoid typos if you want to make a good first impression."

GraduAid: Sounds interesting!  Okay, the second question is about the most common mistakes that candidates make during their application, can you give us some examples?

Els: "As a recruiter, it is unpleasant to see a motivation letter which is intended for another company. Try to make your application tailor-made to the company you are applying for. Make sure you know the company/vacancy you applied for."

GraduAid: Let’s move to the third question. What personality characteristics do most recruiters look for when making hiring decisions?

Els: "Within UNILIN, we always look for students that fit our culture, we call it the UNILIN-dna. This is a combination of characteristics that are linked to our four values: passion, entrepreneurship, excellence and respect. We look for juniors who are enthusiastic, go the extra mile, dare to be entrepreneurial, …."

GraduAid: Okay, and to end this interview: Should a young graduate include a picture on his/her resume?

Els: "A picture on your resume is not a must, but if you choose to include one, make sure it is a professional picture."

GraduAid: Well, thanks a lot for the information, Els. We hope our GraduAiders keep all these tips in mind when they are going to apply for a job at Unilin!

Keep following us guys, till next week!


The team!


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