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Ask the recruiter Xylos – Annelies Bertels

This week we interviewed Annelies Bertels, Recruitment Officer at Xylos.

Graduaid: Hi, Annelies! We have noticed that many students have shown interest in Xylos’ vacancies so we would like to ask you some questions. Do you have some time?

Annelies: Yes, of course!

Graduaid: Okay, let’s begin. What do you look for in a resume at first glance?

Annelies: First of all, I look at relevant work experience. Of course this depends of the vacancy. Professionalism is important for the vacancies that require experience. For the non-experience vacancies, I look at the study background and the profile description. The profile description gives me a clear view of the applicant. In fact it’s an added value, because you can’t teach an attitude.

Graduaid:  Well said, ‘You can’t teach an attitude’! ;) Let’s move to another question. What is the most common mistake candidates make during their application or interview?

Annelies: The most common mistake candidates make is not being prepared well enough during their interview. When they don’t really know what’s written in their resume or don’t visit our website they come across as unprofessional. Being good prepared is key!

Graduaid: Time for the next question. What personality characteristics do most recruiters look for when making hiring decisions?

Annelies: The most important characteristics for Xylos are: eager to learn, being ambitious, not afraid to take initiative and having a passionate attitude.

Graduaid: Sounds good! Last but not least, should a Young Graduate include a picture on his/her resume and do you check the Facebook page before interviewing someone?

Annelies: I don’t check Facebook, but I do check LinkedIn. Having an account on LinkedIn shows their professional motivation. A picture is not required, but it’s always nice to have an idea how the person looks like. Nevertheless, each resume is considered the same way.

Graduaid: Thank you for your time and we will let you go back to work ;).


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