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Pimp up your CV and boost your career? Join the Student Challenge of the “ING Breaking Habits Hackathon” in Rotterdam on 21 and 22 March and put the banking world upside down with a compelling idea. You’ll get 24 hours to elaborate your idea with your team and present it to the jury. This is a unique experience, fun and informative, and a perfect opportunity to network with dozens of ING experts. Put yourself forward and claim your place as pioneer at ING. >> Read more


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IT is becoming increasingly important in organizations. It is therefore not surprising that IT students are in great demand right now! But before choosing a company, as a young IT specialist, you have to ask yourself a few questions: Can I develop creatively in the company? Does the company offer enough opportunities for innovation? Are there enough career opportunities in the company? Don't worry, we already did the searching for you and found 3 companies that meet these requirements and more! 

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Whether you have ambitions to grow quickly into a management position or simply want to strengthen your knowledge and experience in a particular sector, a traineeship is a real boost for your future career. Especially for Young Graduates, traineeships are a unique opportunity to learn contrite skills and discover in which sector they excel most!


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This is it, your education is now officially over and you are right in front of your professional career! A little bit frightening, right? Now it’s time to take control of your future and go job hunting. Don’t be reckless and start contacting hundreds of companies at once, but make an elaborated plan of your approach to get in touch with the professional world.

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The selection test is an often feared step in the recruitment process. It can be frightening because you don’t know what is coming and unfortunately you can never fully prepare for a selection test. But don’t fear, here are some tips and tricks for acing them.

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We’re back with a third blogpost. As you know, every week we ask a recruiter which characteristics that are important for him/her before actually hiring a young graduate. This week we interviewed Leslie Ewbank, Young Graduate recuiter at PwC. For those who’re not yet familiar with PwC: the company is a global leader in assurance, tax and advisory services.

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