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Deliveroo : A kangourou in the city

English Star-up, Delivroo

A kangourou in the city

Bikers in black wearing a big bag with a kangaroo sign have been all over Antwerp and Brussels. You may have seen them, they bounce from one restaurant to another with their squared backpacks. Those carriers work for Deliveroo, an English start-up that delivers quality meals to your house or office.

Deliveroo joins forces with restaurants from Brussels and more recently, Antwerp. Their purpose is to deliver good meals to hungry people in the comfort of their houses. From burgers, to healthy salads, to sushi, to classic cuisine, everything is delivered fast by students. Three essential links in this well-oiled yummy machine.

Chef Olivier Van Klemput, the proud owner of Viva M’Boma

Chef Viva M'Bona, Delivroo

Chef Olivier Van Klemput has been managing the kitchen of the Brussels restaurant Viva M'Boma with passion for over twelve years.

Van Klemput was one of the first to embark the adventure with Deliveroo and didn’t regret that decision not even once.

I love the contrast between the young spirit of Deliveroo and my "grandma’s kitchen”, says Van Klemput.

"I want to seduce young people with my classic kitchen and that works even better when a bouncing biker brings my food to the door of curious young people. When an order comes in from a Deliveroo customer, I prepare it like they were in my restaurant. I serve them the best quality and nothing is simplified."



Nicolas is a student and he is paid to ride his bike

Student Job at Delivroo, Biker

The students in Brussels and Antwerp are very enthusiastic about this new potential job. Students frequently have complex timetables and therefore it’s difficult to have a job on the side. Therefore many students choose to become a biker at Deliveroo.

With more than 200 in the capital, biker is becoming a popular student job. “It is difficult for me to combine a student job with my studies. At Deliveroo I can choose every week when I am going to work”, says Brussels student Nicolas. “But the very best of working here is that you enter a real community!


Alice discovers what’s inside her precious package

Student who orders to Delivroo

Delivery services are often associated with unhealthy food but Deliveroo is changing the market. Customers get the same quality food at home as they would get in the restaurant.

Alice likes to go to restaurants but at home she likes to eat good as well. "Deliveroo is ideal when you have friends over or you just want a good burger in your sofa. You can bring the restaurant to you.”

Whether you want exotic or bistrot cuisine, all restaurants deliver the same dishes as they serve in, and in half an hour.

You pay on the website or on the app. You can even tip the delivery guy! No money is exchanged so you just have to open the door to receive your precious package. Couldn’t be easier!



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