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Description of the sectors and departments on the website

Maybe you have already noticed but when you are looking for a job or an internishp on you can use several categories divided into two different sections : the sectors and the departments.
Why you ask ? Simply because after your graduation you might be tempted by a sector in particular or you might be interested in joining a specific department. Indeed you might be an engineer but still want to work at L’Oreal. And this system allows you to simplify and to improve the quality of your job search.



The sector of activity is the categorization of all the companies working in the same field. For example we will consider that all companies dealing with food belong to the Agro-Food sector. 

 Agro-Food Aeronautic & Avionic Engineering  Banking, Financial Services and Insurances 

This category includes  all companies interacting in the process of making food from agriculture to the transformation into finite products. 

The aeronautic sector comprises all companies participating in the creation of planes and the companies flying these planes. 

With all the fuss about this sector in the past few years an explanation might not be relevant. However, it is important to understand that banks and insurance companies need other professionals than bankers and economists. These companies also have marketing or legal needs for instance.

Chemistry, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Construction and Civil works Distribution et Commerce
Those companies are very often in charge of the reaserch and the development of products specific to their field

This sector is constatly hiring in Belgium and comprises workers who take care of the construction and renovation of buildings and infrastructures.

Some companies are intersted in selling and delivering products without participating in their manufacturing. Those companies belong to the sector of distribution and commerce.


Restauration and Tourism ICT and telecommunication 

Real estate

The sector of restauration and tourism defines all the companies offering catering and lodging services. It is a very unique sector that hires a lot of young individuals for student jobs.  

This sector is very trendy nowadays so we might not have to explain it to you who belong to the Generation Y. However, you might not know that all ICT stands for Information and communications technology.

These companies deal with immovable properties and includes many functions such as buying, selling, or renting land, buildings or housing.


Fashion and Textile

Media and Communication 

The industry can be understood as all the socio-economic activities oriented toward production through the transformation of first or second hand materials. 

This sector is not limited to the stores selling clothes. When talking about the fashion and textile sector you need to include everything from production to manufacturing.

The companies from this sector have a role in the production and the broadcasting of information through every possible channel (newspappers, television, radio, …). But it also includes companies offering communication services to their clients.

Human resources  Public Services and Non Profit Services to companies and to individuals

We are used to think as human resources as a department but it is also   a sector. For example, employement agencies belong to this sector.                

The public sector comprises all kinds of administrations (régional, federal, provincial, …) but also more specific entities such as the army. This sector is opposed to the private sector in the sense that the « companies » do not belong to anyone.

Services to companies and to individuals is a very vague sector. Very often they offer services in relation to another sector for example a lot of companies offer ITC services to other companies or to persons. B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) are interesting terms to know when talking about this sector.

Healthcare Transportation et logistics Training 

This sector is a major one in Belgium but you need to shake out the idea only nurses and doctors work in hospitals, they also have a legal department for instance.

You can divide this sector into three main categories : terrestrial, naval and aerial.

Another division can be made : transportation of persons and transportation of goods.

This sector regroups all the jobs concerned with the transmision of knowledge of any kind.



All companies are different from one another, this means that they do not all have the same departments. Big companies often have a clear division of their different departments while in start-ups people are more multinfunctional and accomplish tasks from different departments.

 Purchase Administration, Accountancy and Finances  ICT et Telecommunication 

People in charge of the purchase department have to deal with the acquisition of raw material in order to manufacture it. This means that they have to choose the supplier but also to evaluate the qualitiy of his services.

This department has to take care of the financial flow and to handle the accounts of the company in order to make the decision making easier and to increase the capital.

To be general, this department deals with computers. They have all the tasks related to this field from maintenances to design. 

Engineering and Technics General Management Marketing, Advertising and Events

Engineering is a very vast department. It can be considered as the one in charge of the study for almost every part of a project (for example economical or technical questions). 

There is someone in charge of the management of every department. There are 8 key tasks for a manager : organizing the team, producing data, handle the relations, forming employer, assigning task to the employers, making sure the work is done properly and finally, managing.

This department could be considered as the link between the company and the clients. People in charge of marketing have an analytic role since they have to study the needs of the clients but also a distribution role. 

Production and Construction Research and Development  Human resources

This department deals with the manufacturing and the distribution of the products and services the company has to offer. 

Usually known as the « R&D » department, it has as a main task the reasearch and the developpment of innovations for the company 

Human resources people mainly focus their work on the recruitment process. But not only, this department is also the one taking care of the work environment. In other words it deals with the  well-being of the employees in the company

Administrative support and Secretariat  Legal Services Transportation et Logistics

These two types of functions usually handle mailing, phone duties, feedback of meetings, … To generalize, they are part of the general organization of the company

This department takes care of the interests of the company regarding all the legal aspects. 

This department has to maximize the spaces and transfers of the company. The flow they handle can be material or informational. 


The main aims for someone in the sales department are to conquer the market and to create a certain consumer loyalty. They do it by means of choices regarding cost-effectiveness or studies concering the consumer’s needs.

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