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Good Reasons to do an Advanced Master

What is an Advanced Master?

First of all what is an Advanced Master?  An Advanced Master is a study you can do after you already achieved a Master degree or besides your professional activities. In this article we are going to talk about an Advanced Master in economics. This degree is known all over the world and is designed for developing skills in business and management. The subject focuses on strategy, marketing, human resources, innovation, entrepreneurship, corporate finance, financial accounting etc. Students often choose to do an Advanced Master to add something to their degree because it can be a next step in their careers and can lead to a career switch. An Advanced Master can add business skills to your profile, e.g. leadership, creative thinking, strategic thinking and so on. It can be an added value to your resume and applications for jobs in a management team or promotions.

Benefits in the workplace

A big advantage when you earned an Advanced Master degree, is that you have a higher salary than others without this degree. But besides a higher salary, you also have better opportunities to develop yourself in the working field. The investment of studying an extra year is also recouped in two to three years. 

Besides those advantages, you can also expand your network. There is a large business network where you can find business people with already a lot of management experience and an alumni network to find your colleagues and other graduates. There is also an overview of the business world so you can look for companies and industries where you would like to work. It’s good to know the companies and industries you love, because it’s an invaluable asset when you seek for a job after you graduate. In this network you can also build your international card.

If you are very enterprising, you can become your own boss with this degree. An Advanced Master gives you the right business practices that you need to start your own business. If you aren’t very enterprising, you can also help another company to grow more. Most students with an Advanced Master degree start their own company. The others will get a middle-level or top-level management position in big multinationals.

Discovering the world

An Advanced Master is also a good way to discover the world. You can go to another city or another country. If you go to another country, you can easily get in touch with other cultures and habits. They say new city, new beginnings! Another advantage is that you can also gain a broad view on how businesses are handled in different sides of the world. It’s a good way to expand your business career prospects. 

To resume

An Advanced Master degree is an interesting opportunity. You’ll get an once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget. You can do something out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, learn the newest international business trends and use them in the latest management techniques.

Fall Fair 2018

Curious about business schools - who are highly ranked according to Financial Times - that offer an Advanced Master in Belgium, Europe or in another continent? Come to our Fall Fair in Antwerp (19/11), Leuven (20/11), Brussels (21/11) and Ghent (22/11), and meet the representatives of each school. Sign up to get an one-on-one interview with them. Can’t wait to know which schools attend to the fair? Take a look at the list below!

Business School Rank
IE Ranked 3rd
University of St. Gallen Ranked 4th
University of Bocconi Ranked 6th
ESADE Ranked 8th
ESCP Ranked 13th
EDHEC Ranked 14th
Vlerick Ranked 19th
Catolica Lisbon Ranked 26th
AMS Ranked 42nd
Hult Business School Ranked 50th
Solvay Ranked 53rd
SKEMA Ranked 58th
IESEG Ranked 61st

Source: Financial Times Ranking 2017 – European Business School

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