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How to prepare for a job interview

During an interview with a potential employer your first impression is essential and a good preparation is the key to success.

Here are some tips to help you nail your job interview:


This is the first thing that requires preparation: if you arrive too late your employer will not take you seriously but being there too early is not good either. Ideally you should be there 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the meeting. Arriving a few minutes in advance allows you to calm down and concentrate which are necessary to be in the best condition for the interview. These few minutes will give you the time to check the last details (make sure your phone is off, you do not have a dry mouth, …)

Preparing an itinerary the day before the interview will prevent the stress of being late. You will then have a good night of sleep knowing that everything is set for the meeting.

The entrance

It goes without saying that dressing accordingly is necessary to make a good first impression. Your look is the first thing the employer will see. Casual clothing will have the same effect than a late arrival (the boss will have difficulties thinking of you as someone serious and reliable). For men, a suit or a shirt tucked in your trousers might be the most appropriate outfit while for women it is strongly recommended not to dress too sexy so she does not seem provocative. Anyway you should wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that you like to boost your confidence.

Moreover, pay attention to the language you use to greet your interlocutor. Avoid being too casual but also too formal (you might appear as someone nervous). The best thing is to keep it simple.

But body language is equally important and can be prepared as well. For instance, your handshake must be firm enough and your smile has to be natural. Studies show that the posture of the candidate and eye contact are what matters most during an interview. 

Practicing with a friend or a relative will help you and make it seem more natural.

The interview itself

How to prepare for a job interview - tips and tricksConfidence lies in preparation, if you know your subject you reduce the chances to be taken by surprise.

You have to be prepared to talk about yourself (knowing your CV is vital). Prepare a list of qualities and skills that are relevant for the job so when the interviewer asks you to tell him about yourself you can answer without hesitation.

What’s more you may also have to talk about the company you applied for. Hence checking the website of the company before going might be a good idea. If you know about the place you will seem interested. Asking questions about the job will also show that you know about the company and that you are probably a good fit for the job.

Very often, employers ask similar questions so preparing an answer to these questions will allow you to be clear and simple when answering during the interview. During your interview you will probably be asked about your previous experience, why you are interested in the position or the reason they should choose you instead of someone else. If you have thought about it before going to the interview, again, you will be able to provide a relevant answer without having to think about it in front of the employer.

If you have no idea what to respond do not panic, ask questions in return to clarify the problem. It will show the interviewer that you are able to find a solution around problems. 

Now that you know how to write your CV the only thing left to do is to apply for job opportunities via !


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