I was able to do everything I wanted, despite corona. Amélie t’Kint de Roodenbeke, Sustainability Expert at ING | Student Life | Student.be

I was able to do everything I wanted, despite corona. Amélie t’Kint de Roodenbeke, Sustainability Expert at ING

“Sustainability is not a buzzword at ING, it’s a purpose. We invest in climate change, decrease our footprint and look after financial health. I get to take part in all of this, working with all these inspiring organisations and people. It’s a dream.”

Bom dia!

“Before joining ING, I was working as an intern for the United Nations in Brazil. It was great to live in such a beautiful country and learn the language. But I was yearning for more. I wanted to learn as much as I could as quickly as I could. Especially at the start of my career. That job didn’t fulfill that desire.

It did help me to determine what I really wanted. Like meeting people from different countries and cultures, learning from various jobs, creating impact right away, ... Surely, that had to be hard to find. But then I came across the International Talent Program at ING. It had it all.”

From one role to another

“My first assignment in the International Talent Program was as a Digital Consultant. It was great and I learned a lot about the company’s digital goals. But being a consultant felt like I was not yet really part of the organisation. Don’t get me wrong, I felt welcome and at home. I just wanted to get “in” more.

So I got into Relationship Management. That’s where you get to meet and finance mid sized to large companies. It’s so rewarding to see them evolve and help them develop. I really liked it, but again, I wanted to taste more of the world.”

"I wanted to meet people with different backgrounds, learn various jobs and create impact."

My dream job

“In each role or project you learn a lot about yourself, your likes and don’ts, your skills. Just when I was getting ready to join the Innovation Lab in London, we all got hit by corona. The project itself seemed extremely interesting, but it just was something you couldn’t do remotely.

Everything happens for a reason. I found my dream job as a Sustainability Expert in Belgium. ING invests a lot in financial health. And we’re one of the world’s greenest banks. I’m so proud to take part in it. To work with all these interesting organisations and people. To learn from inspiring webinars. To create real impact.”

Make it happen

“My current role may be local, but we align our efforts to our global goals and we share ideas with our colleagues abroad. So far, I was able to do everything I wanted. The International Talent Program really checks all the boxes I mentioned earlier.

If there’s one place where you can make it happen, it’s at ING. I honestly didn’t think my career would be at a bank. But it’s great! Diverse, international, open minded, ... And everyone you meet says yes to a cup of coffee and a chat. I would really really love to stay here. Fingers crossed!”

'We’re one of the world’s greenest banks. And I’m so proud be a part of it.'

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