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IE University: an educational ecosystem that thrives on challenges

Challenges are frequently seen in two ways: as a positive or as a negative. We dislike those challenges that stop us from reaching a goal, but we seek out those that help us grow. Yet when it comes down to it, the only difference between the two is one’s mindset.

IE University embraces all challenges as an opportunity for growth—and encourages their students to do the same. Located in the heart of Madrid, the dynamic institution never sits still, providing innovative master’s programs to overcome the barriers to growth in an ever-changing world.

There are five Schools which focus on: Business, Human Sciences & Technology, Architecture, Global & Public Affairs and Law. They are united by core pillars in technological innovation, entrepreneurship and diversity, alongside the humanities. With this innovative approach to education, they are able to move at the rhythm of the ever-changing market—and provide their student body representing over 130 nationalities with key sector skills.

The world-class faculty and teaching staff at IE University is made up of top academics and frontline professionals whose up-to-the-second sector insights influence the daily course content. In this way, they’re able to bring current industry challenges to a classroom setting, preparing master’s students with the tools to overcome them. But the student experience extends beyond the class to the whole IE ecosystem, which features entrepreneurial labs, other on-campus resources, and door-opening exchange programs with leading institutions.

And it doesn’t stop there. After graduation, students become part of the dynamic international network of over 60,000 professionals active in 140 countries. What’s more, they have access to our career-boosting resources, including placement options and personal brand building support.

The time is approaching for you to seek out a new challenge. Why not challenge yourself in a new country and unleash your true potential?

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