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ING Breaking Habits Hackathon – Find new horizons within 24 hours

Pimp up your CV and boost your career? Join the Student Challenge of the “ING Breaking Habits Hackathon” in Rotterdam on 21 and 22 March and put the banking world upside down with a compelling idea. You’ll get 24 hours to elaborate your idea with your team and present it to the jury. This is a unique experience, fun and informative, and a perfect opportunity to network with dozens of ING experts. Put yourself forward and claim your place as pioneer at ING.

As a student you can also gain experience: relevant work experience. And that's important for your CV: it shows potential employers you’re inquisitive and that you're a hard worker, two qualities that often prove to be of decisive importance.

Therefore, grab this opportunity and join the Student Challenge of the ING Hackathon in Rotterdam on 21 and 22 March. The event will not only attract students from the Netherlands and Belgium, but also developers, data analysts and experts in customer journey, UX and communication.
—Will you share your idea with us?

“Ingenious” starts with ING!
Will you make your brain available to the community? Under the title “Breaking Habits” ING challenges you to give an answer to the everyday questions of our millions of customers.

We want to reset our way of thinking: by taking our distance we’ll get a different perspective and recognise new opportunities and solutions. We embrace disruption.

Your time starts now...
Any ideas? Go to and get inspired. Technology is used for many different purposes these days, from funny photo filters for your smartphone to enormous 3D printers for housebuilding. What do you want to make?

Don't miss this prestigious event and get a flavour of the progressive mentality of ING. This hackathon is not just a competition: it’s all about exchanges and cooperation. Professionals can focus on specific themes and there is a separate category for students, so that everyone competes on equal terms.

>> Click here and register for the ING Breaking Habits Hackaton.


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