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Internship abroad - Follow Juan's Story


Can you imagine yourself working abroad?


If you can, then you have come to the right place. I'm Juan and right now I'm doing an internship in Belgium. The idea for this blog came up thinking that it might be interesting to give an insight into the life of someone who comes to a new country to work and live there. Be part of my trip discovering a new culture and learning a new language. Maybe it will inspire you to start your own journey abroad.

Now it is time for a short introduction: My name is Juan Manuel Carcasona Nevado and I come from Germany. Some might say that my name sounds Spanish, and that's true: I have Spanish roots, but I have been born and raised in Germany. I'm studying International Business in Wiesbaden in Germany and for my studies I went one semester to study abroad and now another one for an internship. My last journey brought me to Rome and it was truly an amazing experience, so I'm really looking forward to my next one here in Belgium. I will be the intern for Marketing & Sales at GraduAid & and the internship will take place in Brussels and in Ghent.

At this point you're probably asking yourself a valid question: "Why did he choose to do an internship in Belgium?" It might sound like a cliché, but during my time in Rome I got to know my girlfriend, which of course comes from Belgium. Faced with the task of searching for an internship abroad, my decision was clear from the start of where I wanted to do it. The possibility of doing the internship in Belgium is the first step in starting a life here and my goal is to find work in Belgium the near future. Will it work out? Only time will tell! Start of the internship at GraduAid & 1st of March.


Till soon for the first chapter!


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