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Internship or no internship? That is the question

Many students are reluctant to the idea of an internship. A lot of them have the wrong idea of what working as an intern is like. First of all, get rid of the stereotype of the student whose tasks are to bring coffee and make copie for his superiors.

So if you think that an internship is a waste of time because you end up working without being paid maybe you will want to reconsider your point of view after reading this.


Find the internship that fits you Gain experience

It has become really complicated to find a job with no practical experience. Theoretical knowledge from your academic studies probably won’t be enough to convince an employer to hire you. An internship will help you develop new skills that cannot be taught in school and you will get to know what it feels like working in a professional environment with responsibilities and real pressure. This might frighten you but it shouldn’t: you will suffer less pressure working as an intern than as an employee so consider the internship as a sort of transition for post-graduation. After that you will be more confident and know exactly what employers will be excepting of you.

Not convinced yet? Let’s continue then…


New connections

Freshly graduated you will land on the job market and with no connections finding a good job is like finding a needle in a haystack. Working in a company for a short time will enable you to meet professionals and fill your contact list. In other words the internship is a way not to start from scratch once you get your degree.

If you are lucky enough you won’t even have to make connections and directly receive a job offer from your internship employer. A lot of students end up with a contract after a few months of work in a company. And if you do not get a job, worst-case scenario you end up with good references on your CV.


The confirmation of your career path

Have you ever thought that your job could be totally different from what you thought it would be when you were in school? The internship will prevent you from losing your time. On the field you will soon know if your degree is right for you! 


How to choose your internship?

Working as an intern is really interesting if it is relevant to your field of study so pay close attention when you are looking for an internship. If it has nothing to do with your career path you will not benefit from it. Moreover, the area you will work in is important but the type of company you will work for matters as much: life in a start-up is different from the one you will encounter in a mutlinational enterprise.

Also, don't forget to check that what is expected from you is productive. If you end up doing nothing of your days but playing Angry Birds on your phone this internship will be useless. It is very important to agree on the content of your work before starting to make sure both parties benefit from this experience.


An internship sounds tempting now doesn’t it?  If you have changed your mind you can check all of our internship offers on

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