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It’s time to think about your sustainable career guidance

First semester exams are over. After a well-deserved break, come the results. When you read them, certain questions will be raised.

Either you passed and you’re not asking yourself too many questions; the place is free to tell yourself that your choice of studies is being confirmed. You’re so happy to see that your efforts have paid off.

Or, you only barely failed and it may be that the following thoughts come to mind:

  • I didn’t study enough; I didn’t anticipate the work load well;
  • I should rethink my study methods;
  • I should put more energy into two more difficult subjects;

And this, without rethinking your career choice. Indeed, this choice corresponds to your values, your interests, your talents and passions. Surely a few hurdles throughout your journey won’t make you rethink your choice. You’ll just have to change strategy to optimise your adaptation to the demands of the studies.

Or your results are disappointing and don’t reflect what you invested into them or are a witness to your lack of interest, or even your failure to prepare at the required level. It is then of the utmost importance that you ask yourself the following question: Do these studies suit me?

To see things more clearly, first, ask yourself how you chose your studies. Did you follow a friend? Did you think you would be interested in them? Did you let yourself be influenced by a parent without really knowing what is right for you?

Then, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my interests, my values?
  • What are my talents, what can I do well?
  • What are my passions, the reasons for which I can’t see the results of the energy I invested?

From there, you can investigate the careers that correspond to your profile, to your potential, and the studies that will bring you there.

Alternatives can then be drawn out and you will have to make a decision taking reality and your environment into account.

Your choice will then be based on careful consideration, precise criteria will have guided it and when you start your chosen path, when you reach the first hurdle, you won’t be discouraged and think “that’s not for me”, you will think of solutions to overcome it, because you will feel capable of tackling it head on.

At OrientaEuro Belgium asbl, we propose to accompany you during this thought process with our personalised career guidance.

  • Anne-Françoise Martens
  • President - OrientaEuro Belgium asbl
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