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Juan's Story - Week 10: Childhood memories

Was the wave pool also one of the highlights of your childhood?

If yes, then we both share an amazing memory of our childhood. When I was younger, I was looking forward to the wave pool each time we went to a swimming pool. Patiently I waited for half an hour for the waves to start emerging again and then jumped into the pool. Therefore you might understand how much I liked to go to the S&R Rozebroeken in Ghent. The S&R Rozebroeken is a big waterpark and contains a big swimming pool, a lot of slides for small and big – yes, I’m talking about me in this context – as well as a subtropical area containing Jacuzzis, saunas and a lot more. During summer there’s also the possibility of an outside pool. It is the perfect place to relax with your girlfriend and to forget everything, even if it is just for a night. I loved it.  

Earlier this week I was still in Germany. On the way home to Belgium I met up with a friend of Rome, who I had seen the last time when I was still in the eternal city. It’s a coincidence that she is from Mainz, which is the city next to my student city, Wiesbaden. This was also the place we chose for our reunion. We went to a well-known restaurant chain in Germany, the “Extrablatt”. Here we drank and ate something and talked a lot. It was a really curious feeling to meet up in Germany, as my head associates her with Italy. Talking about Italy, later that day when I was back in Ghent again I went to an Italian restaurant called “Firenze”. The food was very good and I had the chance to speak a bit Italian with the waiter, which was quite nice and complemented this whole day in a fitting way.

This week I also got to know a few new bars. First there was the “Café Lounge”: they had good beer and offer places to sit inside and outside, which is quite nice in warm weather. I also visited a cozy bar called “Plan B”. The interior was really nice and I liked the atmosphere there. I heard that you could go outside and sit exactly in front of the river, but today it wasn’t warm enough for that. The last one was the “Limonada”. They had really good cocktails, but you had to get used to the music and the atmosphere which was minimalistic-futuristic. There were funny games you could play, like Battleship but with shots. Other shots looked like injections or had the form of private human parts – so guys, beware of what you order if you don’t want to have an unpleasant, but for everyone else funny surprise.

With this I would like to conclude this week and I hope to see you all next week for the 11th chapter.



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