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Juan's Story - Week 11: Of little miracles

Do you know the meaning behind “It’s a small world we’re living in”?

It was amazing to have another Erasmus meeting this week. We met up in Brussels this time, because my friend studies in Leuven and I also needed to be in Brussels that day. It was really nice to see her again and it was really funny to see how surprised she was to hear me talk in Dutch and me being able to understand her talking. She will have to get used to that, no more bickering in front of me in another language. I will understand it now! Time passed by really fast and after having just one cocktail she had to leave again. But this wasn’t the end of my day in Brussels. It seems I have a serious problem with spareribs as my way brought me again to the Amadeus. It wouldn’t the last spareribs for this week, but oh well, better too much spareribs than none.

In the middle of the week I went to Bruges, although it wasn’t for sightseeing but for going to the hospital. Don’t worry, there was nothing wrong with me. Instead of sickness it was the happiest thing you could think of while visiting a hospital: the birth of a baby. We visited my girlfriend’s best friend who had just become a mom. The hospital was really modern and I was impressed, although I had quite high standards from Germany. Do you know the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”? Well, if you do, then you can imagine how much it was raining that day. Instead of protecting myself from the rain I was busy protecting the presents from the water. They hadn’t survived all the way from Rome to Belgium to be destroyed of rain from the small trip from Ghent to Bruges. In the end everything worked out fine and we arrived in the hospital to admire the little wonder. I still can’t describe what I felt when I saw the new born baby and I wish them from the bottom of my heart a bright and happy future.

For mother’s day that weekend, I was invited to a family party of my girlfriend. It had been a while since I had seen the whole family together so I was looking forward to it. They were really surprised about my progress in Dutch and how much I could understand already, so that made me happy - as well as being able to joke in another language, which surprised them even more. All by all a hilarious weekend full of good food and a happy mood.

See you next week for the next chapter.



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