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Juan's Story - Week 12: Hot, hotter, Belgium

Can you ever get enough of this weather?  

Being Spanish, I love the sun and hot weather. I couldn’t have imagined that the temperature could get this high in Belgium, but after this week I needed to change my opinion: it was absolutely amazing! As my girlfriend associates this kind of weather with the Gentse Feesten, she is telling me all the time about it. Now I’m even more looking forward to my first time. The Gentse Feesten start already the 14th of July, so let the countdown begin.  

This week I started with video interviews from students for students. The idea behind it is to give future students an insight and to help them to find the right studies. For this I needed a wide variety of people with different studies. I invited them over and while interviewing, we had a lot of fun. Sadly we didn’t make a video of all the outtakes, because it would have been hilarious. After a nice and long afternoon of filming, we decided to go drink something and to enjoy the awesome weather. (For the people who are interested, you can find the end result on the following link: http://www.student.be/nl/student-life/studiekeuze-na-middelbaar-getuigenissen).

Culinary-wise it was also an interesting week and I can proudly say that I visited a few new Frituurs. First of all, the “Buzzy Snacks ” (near the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy and the Overpoort). The owner was really nice and made you feel welcome immediately. The second one was the “Gouden Saté”, famous for its “Julientje” or “Hugo Claus”. Last but not least, I visited another location in the Overpoort, the pizzeria “Primadonna”. It has been really a long time since I have had some pizza, so I had a very nice week.

This Friday there was another get together drink at work  and it should be the last one with my fellow interns, as their internship is ending in the next weeks. I enjoyed it especially to drink and eat together and to talk about a bit of everything. After a funny pre-drink, we all went together to a club here in Ghent, the “Sioux”. Although many students had gone home and I was afraid that the club would be empty, it was full of people. The club was overcrowded and we had to wait a while till a few people had left and we could finally enter. It was my first time to go to a club in Ghent, so I was really satisfied with the atmosphere and to go out one last time with the co-interns. I hope that we’ll stay in contact and we’ll meet each other sooner or later again. Good luck with the exams, guys!

I wish you the best for next week and hope to see you for the 13th chapter.


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