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My Erasmus to Rome in Italy

My Erasmus to Rome in Italy

About the student

  • First Name: Ludovic
  • Age: 20
  • Study level (Bachelor/Master) and orientation (study field): Bachelor in Applied Economics
  • City where you study: Leuven

Name of University or College?

University of Rome Tor Vergata

Type of student accommodation(shared house with other students, studio, shared flat, …) ?

Shared flat with other Erasmus Students

How can you find a student accommodation (useful websites, services from schools or universities, agencies, …) ?

Helpful Facebook groups to integrate in the local studentlife (parties, culture, other useful groups, …)

  • Esn Roma
  • Erasmus in Campus Roma

Helpful websites(parties, culture, other useful groups, …)



  • Which transport do you use (bike, car, bus, by foot, … )? Metro & Bus
  • Do you work with monthly subscriptions? Yes

Cost of living?

  • Average rent: 500 euro/month
  • Alimentation: 250 euro/month
  • Going out: 100 euro/month
  • Transport costs: 35 euro/month
  • Price of a beer: 5 euro

Where can you eat, drink or go out?

  • To drink: Trastevere, San Lorenzo
  • To eat: Trastevere
  • To go out: Erasmus parties near Metro Station "Pyramide"

What is the level of the courses compared to your own University/College ?

Courses were held in English, but for most of the courses the quality and level are totally not comparable with the ones in Belgium

Which places are at your disposal to work/study? (Libraries, study rooms, computer rooms, ...)

Most of the Class rooms were open to work and study

Strengths of the city :

  • History and culture
  • Public transports
  • A city that never sleeps
  • Endless amount of things to do
  • Climate

Weaknesses of the city:

  • Quite large city for students
  • A lot of tourists

Places and activities, you shouldn't miss in Rome:

  • The historical center with the Colosseo, Fontana di Trevi, Pantheon, Forum Romanum
  • Villa Borghese
  • Evening walk through Trastevere
  • Vatican City
  • A derby between AS Roma and Lazio Roma

Other tips & Advice



Forum Romanum

Trevi fountain at 4.30 in the morning

Vatican City

Rome from above the San Piedro Basilica

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