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My Erasmus to Vancouver in Canada

My Erasmus to Vancouver in Canada

About the student

  • First Name : Margaux
  • Age : 20
  • Study level (Bachelor/Master) and orientation (study field) : Third Bachelor, Business Engineering (Handelsingenieur)
  • City where you study : Leuven


Name of University or College?

University of British Columbia

Type of student accommodation(shared house with other students, studio, shared flat, …) ?

Campus housing, shared with 5 other students

How can you find a student accommodation (useful websites, services from schools or universities, agencies, …) ?

Service provided by my university

Helpful Facebook groups to integrate in the local studentlife (parties, culture, other useful groups, …)?

Yes, there was a huge Facebook group with all the incoming exchange students at UBC, where people would ask practical questions, invite everyone for parties, events, etc.

Helpful websites(parties, culture, other useful groups, …)?

There was also a facebook group from the Exchange Student Club who organized many events where we could meet/connect.


  • Which transport do you use (bike, car, bus, by foot, … ) ? bus, foot.
  • Do you work with monthly subscriptions ? I paid for a Compass Card, which allowed me to use all public transportation in metro Vancouver for the time I was there.


Cost of living?

  • Average rent: 500-600 CAD / month
  • Alimentation: 400 CAD / Month
  • Going out: 50 CAD / Month
  • Transport costs:
  • Price of a beer: 6-8 CAD


Where can you eat, drink or go out?

  • To drink: pubs
  • To eat: restaurants
  • To go out: pubs, clubs


What is the level of the courses compared to your own University/College ?

The level was pretty similar, although, it was easier to get high grades through scaling practices used at the university.

Which places are at your disposal to work/study? (Libraries, study rooms, computer rooms, ...)

Multiple libraries

Strengths of the city :

Cultural diversity, vibrant, clean, lots to do.

Weaknesses of the city:


Places and activities, you shouldn't miss in Vancouver :

Restaurants! (many different cultures) Museums, shopping, Stanley Park, …

Other tips & Advice



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