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Prevent Monday Blues

You are not a big fan of Mondays? This article is made for you! We will give you a few tips so you don’t feel blue on Mondays anymore.

Don’t work on weekends

Separating personal and professional life is essential! It might be tempting to check your emails when you have nothing else to do but you already have to work all week so if you don’t disconnect on Saturday and Sunday you will feel like you can never catch a break. Not thinking about work on weekends will prevent stress and you will be ready on Monday when a new week of labour is ahead of you.

Don’t sleep in

If you spend all your weekend in bed sleeping you will not be able to enjoy it as much as you could and you will go to work on Monday with the feeling that you did not have a weekend at all. That is why you should plan activities and make sure that you make the most of your days off.


Dear MondayBegin the week doing something easy

If you don’t have the courage to work try completing a minor task, it will be easier to get started with a new week. For instance, try not to schedule an important meeting on a Monday morning or it could feel like climbing the Everest while a routine task will require less effort.


Clean your desk on Friday before leaving

This might seem silly but seeing a huge pile of unclassified files on a messy desk when you arrive at work on Monday morning will ruin your motivation. So if you get over with this on Friday night before leaving work you will do yourself a favor. 


Get prepared early

There is nothing worst than starting the week in a rush, all stressed out because you got up too late. So it is important to take time and enjoy breakfast before going that way you will leave for work light-hearted and relaxed.


If these tips did not help there is only one thing left to do: realize that Monday is a day as any other or apply to one of our job

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