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Proximus Young Professional: become a future expert

The Proximus Young Professionals program is designed to attract future experts in different categories, mostly IT, technology, data analytics and project management. Entering the Young Professional program means that you will go through a continuous on the job training program during which our experts will share their knowledge about different domains. Briefly worded, this program offers you the perfect opportunity to develop your different skills by getting high quality trainings in combination with on the job experience. We spoke with different Young Professionals and asked them about their experience.

Jaâfar, Young Professional Data Sciences

"I started my first job as a Data Scientist right after my Masters in Computer Science at the UCL in Louvain-la-Neuve. I joined the Location Insights department, in which we offer Location Based Services to businesses, using big data sources (mobile network and IoT) and open data. I’m working in a highly technical team and learn a lot from them, while they also value my knowledge and learn from it. And while they are facing a big challenge with AI, they are pushing to stay competitive, which lead to very interesting projects!"

"As a first working experience, I must say this is quite interesting for several reasons. Proximus invests heavily in this program by making a broad range of training available and ensuring that we take the time to follow these. Also, challenging projects are brought up and we are trusted with real responsibilities early on. Finally, we are coached during our career with the programs and mentorship from management to evolve as we please in the company. I would highly recommend working at Proximus to young graduates!"

Ileen, Young Professionale Data Analyst

"I started my first job as a Data analyst at the department Customer Operations - End-to-End. If you have already a quite specific degree (like mine "Master in Marketing Analysis"), the Young Professional program is perfect to kick-start your career. First of all, you get many opportunities to gain experience with different trainings, as Proximus has his own 'Proximus Corporate University'. Even for these specific programs as a Young Professional, Proximus invests additionally in tailor-made training in order to retrieve the most potential of its Young Professionals."

"Secondly, you have immediately access to a network across different departments due to the connection with other Young Professionals. This connection has already been created during the introduction week, learning the organizational structure of Proximus. Networking is a very important pillar of Proximus, in order to collaborate within and across departments.Thirdly, Proximus gives a stable and flexible working environment with good benefits (homeworking, wage, holidays,…), follow-up meetings (weekly face-to-faces with team manager), teambuilding activities, possible internal job change and so on. Overall, I am glad that I started this Young Professional program at Proximus."

Sylvain, Young Professional Project Coordinator

"I started as a Project Coordinator in May 2018. My role is to guarantee that the initiatives we undertake make sense and succeed. The thing I like the most within my job is to see simple ideas become reality thanks to positive collaboration. As part of the Young Professional program, we often meet other people who also started recently as we take part in workshops, info sessions and trainings about various topics linked to Proximus."

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