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Send a package at a low price or deliver a parcel to save some money?

Do you need to ship a package? just discovered a new application that proves to be very useful and profitable for students!

SIDEBOX connects individuals who need to ship a package somewhere with individuals who already make that journey, in Belgium or abroad.


The cheapest shipping option

SIDEBOX is a great and affordable service if you want to send a package: For instance a new IKEA furniture or a book that you forgot at your parents’ place.

Sending or receiving a package is easy


Save money by delivering a parcel

SIDEBOX also allows you to make some money if you deliver a package on your way to school or home for example.

You can use any kind of transportation to deliver the package.

And so is bringing one with you

SIDEBOX’ ambition is to create a delivery service based on a real collaboration between users: anyone can help their neighbor to deliver their stuff. And we love it!


Don’t leave empty handed

You would like to save money and make your life easier? Than feel free to download SIDEBOX on IOS or Android.

To keep track of the latest news and features don’t hesitate to follow them on their website and on their Facebook page.


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