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Studentjobs: Increase of the minimum exempted income

In 2016, you will be allowed to earn 7% more than in 2015 before being taxed. Explanations !

As a student, your salary will not be taxed as long as you do not win more than 10.141 euros for the full year 2016. This threshold was set at 9458.96 in 2015, so good news for students arriving to gain as much!

This income corresponds in fact to € 7,420 (= non-taxable income for a student) + € 2,741 professional fees (the State considers that the fact of working implies costs you can withdraw of your taxable income). If you manage to justify that your expenses/professional fees are higher than this lump sum (2,741), you can win more without being taxed (eg. If you come from up expense of € 3,000, you can win € 7,420 + € 3,000 without being taxed).

Remaining dependent of his parents?

Beware though if you want to stay at the ep of your parents. They, indeed, pay less tax if that is the case.
To remain at their expense, your taxable income can not exceed:

  • 6.535 euros if your parents are taxed jointly
  • 8272.50 euros if your parents are taxed separately
  • 9797.50 euros if your parents are taxed separately and that you suffer from a disability.

If you earn more than above mentionned amounts, you won't be considered at the expense of your parents, which implies, they will have to pay more taxes.

And 50 days?

The 50-day rule has an impact social security contributions. These are set at 2.71% if you work less than 50 days. On each earned €, you will pay € 0.0271 social contributions. They are called social contributions of solidarity.
If you decide to work more than 50 days, you will have to pay ordinary social contributions, which amount to 13.07%!

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