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Testimonial George, young engineer at Cisco

Getuigenis George bij Cisco

Have you ever felt that major life or career changes happened when you least expected it? For me, the Cisco Incubator presentation at my university was exactly that moment.

To explain myself better, I had to attend that presentation because I was assigned from my university to assist in organizing the event and not because I had signed up for it, so I guess you could consider me as one of the most unbiased people in the audience that day. However, as soon as I got to meet and talk with the people from Cisco, I could sense something unique in their mentality. And, as soon as the Incubator presentation was over, I was quite sure that this was an equally unique opportunity for me to take advantage of.

Being accepted and going through the Incubator is an experience that transformed me in so many different aspects. It wasn't just for the seminars and webinars regarding all the cutting-edge technologies and solutions Cisco offers that boosted my all-around networking expertise. It wasn't just for the trainings from Cisco professionals that helped me develop and practice my soft skills (presentations, customer communication etc.). It wasn't even the CCNA certificate I managed to obtain by the end of the program that provided me with a significant asset to kickstart my professional career. The most important lesson was being able to get in touch with almost 100 different people from various cultures, learn how to work together with them and all this while getting a glimpse of how one of the largest technology companies in the world operates in a day-to-day basis.

Now, you can only imagine my excitement when I was informed that I was accepted to join Cisco as a Technical Consulting Engineer. Although relatively new to this journey with less than a year on board, I can safely say that Cisco is one of the most ideal workplace environments to grow both professionally and as an individual. There hasn't been a day since I joined in which I did not discover something new, either through working with the latest technologies or interacting with some of the brightest minds in the field. What stands out the most for me is that Cisco not only allows you to grow while a part of it but actually pushes you to do so by offering hundreds of courses, personalized trainings and the chance to participate in technical projects in almost every technology area imaginable. I just love the feeling of being able to shape my future and pave my professional career path inside the same organization while getting all the necessary encouragement and assistance in every step of the way.

I can only be thankful for all the experiences I have gathered up until now and I'm pretty confident that this is just the beginning of a beautiful journey. And all this started from an Incubator presentation that I didn't even sign up for!"

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