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The 4 best traineeships that start in september 2018


Whether you have ambitions to quickly climb the ladder to a management position or simply want to strengthen your knowledge and experience in a particular sector, a traineeship is a real boost for your further career. This is especially true for Young Graduates: traineeships are a unique opportunity to learn concrete skills and discover in which sector they excel most!

Traineeships are work and training programmes that give talented starters a chance to:

  • Discover what a company has to offer 
  • Develop oneself by participating in various projects
  • Grow in the department where they feel most at home

In addition to a fully-fledged job, you also get to follow an education program where you get prepped for a managerial position. Sounds ideal, right? Before you start to applying for traineeships right away, you have to be sure of the company. Every organisation gives their own unique spin to traineeships! To make things a little easier, we have drawn up a list of the four best traineeships that start in September 2018:

Proximus - Management Trainee Program

If you opt for a traineeship at Proximus, you're in for an intensive training program full of knowledge about the latest technologies and innovations from experts in all domains. Moreover, for 2 years you will have the opportunity to work closely with the best specialists and build up expertise in various fields including Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Logistics, Cyber Security, ICT, Big Data, Sales, Finance, etc. If you have potential and a strong passion for one of the above-mentioned domains, you can even acquire a position in one of their departments after following this two-year development programme. Graduates with a background in economics, management, marketing, information technology, finance or engineering (civil & industrial) are all welcome!

Click here to apply for the Proximus Management Trainee Program

Lidl - Young Talent Track

Whatever your specialisation is, Lidl is mainly looking for drive and talent in their trainees. With their Young Talent Track, they offer new graduates a job in which they can work hard and learn. There is something for everyone: there are 6 straightforward routes to take in various sectors such as Retail Operations, Real Estate, Purchasing, Finance, Logistics, HR and Marketing. In exchange for all your drive, dedication and sweat they offer a nice wage, a nice car and great advantages. But most importantly, they offer a unique opportunity to grow in the most exciting retail business in the world.


Makro - Management Traineeship

As a management trainee at Makro & Metro, you will get the chance to explore the company from within. In a period of 6 months, you will have the opportunity to enter into several projects and you will receive sufficient support so that you can give the best of yourself. The direction of your career after those first 6 months is all up to you! There are many reasons to start at Makro as a trainee: you can choose your own direction, you can discover what your strenghts, and you'll be on a fast track to a management position. You can start throughout the whole year (so you don't necessarily have to peg on September). Also nice to know: in 2015, Makro received the award for "Best-in-Class for the category Mentorship" in the competition Best Traineeship Benelux. In short, you will be in good hands at Makro.


Click here to apply for the Makro Management Traineeship! 

Unilin - Campus Recruitment Program

Every year UNILIN offers opportunities for starters in various departments under their Campus Recruitment Program: from Sales and Marketing to R&D and Production, to Finance and Supply Chain. As a Young Graduate, you will start in one of these departments where you can get to know their organization, their products and their unique corporate culture. Challenging projects will help you discover the field you excel in. Moreover, the company is strongly committed to entrepreneurship, which means a lot of freedom, responsibility and plenty of room for initiative! 
Click here to read Corneel's testimony to get a taste of what it is like to start as Young Graduate at UNILIN.

All you have to do now is choose ! 
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